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Acts of the Apostles Card Acts of the Apostles Card

"Baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch by the Deacon Philip."
Sixteenth Century artist Lambert Sustris

Inspired by the Acts of the Apostles and adult ministry.

Perfect for RCIA, Adult Baptism, Deacon or Priestly ordination.

This general occasion card could be used for adult ministry, appreciation for service, encouragement, anything.

The Ethiopian was reading Isaiah when the Angel brought Philip to him. This card rejoices with the recipient using Isaiah's words.

Card size 5x7 inches. Printed on recycled paper. Product of the USA

Our Price: $2.50
Noah's Ark Baptism Card Noah's Ark Baptism Card

The Church has seen Noah's ark a prefiguring of salvation by Baptism. CCC 1219  In designing this card the symbolism of the white garment worn at Baptism and the Catechism calling the Baptized child a child of light also became significant. When a white light is refracted it reveals all the colors of the rainbow. It illuminated the depth of the meaning of many members united in one body of Christ. 1 Cor 12:12  Original sketch by Elisa Armstrong.  Size 4.5"x6.25" comes with white envelope.

Our Price: $3.00
O Sacrament Card Set O Sacrament Card Set

Set of 12 Sacrament Cards with Coral Colored Envelopes.

Blank inside - Back has Scripture of the Spirit of Truth; Luke 14:15-17

Can be used for a variety of Sacraments especially Confirmation, First Holy Communion or Ordination. Designed especially for Diocese that administer Confirmation and First Communion at the same time.

Printed on "velvet" recycled paper. Card Size A2 4.25" x 5.5"

Artist Michelle Blackhawk.

Our Price: $7.95